Monday, 9 June 2014

Small-Time Interim Portfolio

Stock Portfolio Tracker is courtesy from

Market Price and Value is as of 9/6/2014

It is mid of year and thus Small Time have came out to update the portfolio as an interim of half yearly basis .

Small-Time total market value for portfolio is about 13k plus ( Where is the other 5-6k plus ? )

Small-Time has been accumulating a "secret " counter since October 2012 which adds up of 5-6k plus as of now through the Poems SBP ( Share Builders Plan ) .

What is Poems Share Builders Plan ?

You can go here for more information .

Valuetronics have been Small-Time best performing stock so far with unrealised profit of 100% as of now.

Small-Time may invest more on Valuetronics ( Strong Cash Flow with Positive ICM Business outlook ) if price drops to nav price or more . A Dividend of 0.16hkd + Special Dividend 0.04 hkd  would be paid on August .

Small-Time would like to do nothing as of now .


  1. that spreadsheet looks familiar....

    1. Yes . That's the Portfolio Stock Tracker from Investment moats . I removed a few cells though .

      Don't mind i use it ? Will quote your site.

    2. its ok. i am happy you are using it haha

  2. All things start small and the keep growing your portfolio!

    As I am using POEMs too, I will check out the Shares Builder Plan..

    1. Thanks Richard . Never stop growing and learning :)

  3. when a user indicates the source of the Tracker, is this already not a good rewarding factor to its original owner?

    will this be the same thing when users re-use news reports and indicating their original sources in their blog postings?

    kudos to those who likes to share their knowledge, experience and investment tracking tools; rewards will take the back seat.

    Small Time Investor,
    Well done with your investment achievement!

    1. Hi Money Honey .

      Thanks for the compliment . I have a lot to learn from the financial bloggers here . You had influenced and inspired me through your regular donations to the social needs using part of your dividends/earnings .

      Investing is not about taking but also giving .

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. very interesting question money honey! i have seen other websites (mostly US based) that compiles a series of photos or suggestions all from other sites - like top 10 decorating tips, top 10 celebrities slip-up. but what if all came from one site - should that site be able to collect any ad revenue? ok - just some food for thought.

    i am definitely thinking of share builders plan too, now to print that darn form out. = )

  5. Agreeing with you on the Ads stuff. :-)

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