Saturday, 7 November 2015

Are you a Buridan's ass ?

"Should two courses be judged equal, then the will cannot break the deadlock, all it can do is to suspend judgement until the circumstances change, and the right course of action is clear."— Jean Buridan, 1340

Thursday, 11 June 2015


大约在2500年前,孔子去鲁恒公庙观礼,看到了一个歪倾的一瓦罐。孔子问守庙人,为什么不把瓦罐扶正?守庙人说:“这是‘佑座之器’——欹,无水时歪斜,装上一半水就正过来了,装满了水,却反而倾倒了。” 孔子由此大为感叹,悟出了中庸之道。他说:“君子中庸,小人反中庸。君子之中庸者也,君子而时中。小人之中庸者也,小人而无忌惮也。” 

Sunday, 18 January 2015

The Zebralogy of knowing who you are .

The long waited Personal Financial Investment is here on a good hot Saturday afternoon !

The crowd ....(who's that lady ? ) 

Please proceed snacks collection point to have your refreshments. Please have your tag on your wrist too to proceed in the snack point . Thank you . 

A welcome speech given by Mr Roland , co-founder of  Wealth Directions .

Our local financial bloggers showing support !

Now comes to my main objective of coming to the event ( i only attend the first half of the event , there are other great speakers as well like Calvin of Dr Wealth and Lionel of Cheerful Egg )  , introducing Mr Jared Seah aka SMOL .

As the first speaker for the event , SMOL left a deep impression with his opening  introduction of hokkein song besides his sparkling head .

SMOL further captured the crowd attention by stating there are no presentation slides , and he is the presentation , so all focus on him . ( i knew that's his style and the grasshopper style , to think on the ball , roll on the ball .)

SMOL illustrated on the topic by telling the story of  zebras herd . How the front herd of zebra looks much stout compared to the middle of zebras that looks more scrawny . How the survived front herd flaunt with their winning trophies ( claws and marks by lions ) . How the scrawny zebras smells assess front and back of the herd . 

SMOL ended the topic by asking the crowd to visualise themselves as zebras for a minute walking in the grassland with lucky bastards hippos on the mud and tally giraffes. 

Now where will you stand ?  

Oh wait a minute , where are the lions then ?  Hehe. 

Encore Encore .. here's a bonus :  The only lady speaker for Cimb securities " Ms you know" .