Saturday, 2 January 2016

Planning the unplanned

Well, I hardly pen down my thoughts before posting in this blog, but this is the first time. 

Review Of  Portfolio

I  set a target of $100 dividends per month by end of 2014(, did i achieve ? 

Yes i did !  However achievement was only unlocked by end of 2015. 

What did i learnt ?

Patience, Patience and more Patience. 

Personal Milestones

-Changed job in end 2014.

-Met my lovely girlfriend.
-Increased 10% of per monthly savings(not an easy feat with girlfriend).
-Knew more people and friends as well as financial bloggers.
-Attended first ever SG  Personal Finance Investment Seminar and saw SMOL first time.
-Saw SMOL second time in frog farm. (Hey, I was in the picture you posted.)

Things to focus 

-Maintain healthy and keep fit.

-Continue to be patient and monitor, strike when opportunities arise.
-Build and enhance human capital and relation (teachings from Uncle 8888).
-Contribute to the needy whenever I can.
-Stay hungry, stay foolish.
-Be mischievous like the monkey.

How about you ? What are the things you want to focus in 2016 ?