Friday, 18 July 2014

The life story of paper boat

A young man asked an old man : " What can we do to achieve our dreams and goals  successfully in a one's short life span ? "

On the ground , the old man picked up a white piece of paper and folded into a paper boat .

The paper boat was then gently sailed along with the flowing direction of the river bank.

On the paper boat's journey , there were glittering flowers along the side of bank breezing with the wind seemly to catch the attention of the paper boat . The paper boat ignored and continue its journey .

The old man said : " There are too much temptations in one's life ...woman ..power and status.Through the process of reaching goals , engaging into unethical and illegal because of money , obsession into beauty that causes the fall of a man ,to abuse because of power and becoming inpatient along the way of gaining status.That is why some people are unable to be like the paper boat ignoring all the temptations and quietly sailing towards its destination !"