Thursday, 2 January 2014

Small Time , Big Plan 2014

So .....

There's a saying " You fail to plan , you plan to fail. " Many Organisations would like to act on  this ( having constant KPI .) ,but there are many cases where you have seen them over planning things and the outcome is undesirable due to unforseen factors and circumstances . 

Well ,  the only constant is change i would say .  So as above what's the game plan for Small-Time in 2014 ? 

Small-Time would like to adapt the plan of  " Do nothing , React accordingly ." Further more , Mr Market would not always adhere what you planned , and perhaps chances of him thwarting your plan too .

Small -Time would like to advocate more time on building general knowledge in things he is interested in and also training himself up physically as an "Old Soldier " for his upcoming In-Camp Training .

Small -Time would too pay attention to the Mr Market as in the following :

1) Abenomics (
2) U.S PMI , Job Employment , Unemployment , Properties.
3) China Shadow Banking (
4) Local Straits Times Index news and information 

Small-Time would like to target S$100 dividends per month  in 2014 .

Lastly , would you share with Small-Time " What's your/the plan in 2014 ? "



  1. 无为; 随缘

    Small Time Investor,

    I guess we are more or less same same ;)

    1. Hi SMOL

      Would like to share with you this song "給自己的歌 " by 李宗盛...:)

      想得卻不可得 你奈人生何...

  2. Hi small time investor

    Ive been following your blog but I think its my first time commenting.

    Hope the best to you in 2014 and success willfollow to those with a plan :)

    1. HI B

      I have been following your blog too .

      Wishing you the best too in 2014 :)

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