Sunday, 29 May 2016

Reset your Barcode, Reset your life.

"Reset your Bardcode" by Marvin Reynolds is a book which I recently borrowed to read during my spare time. The book shares specific principles, practices and information that will change your values and develop virtues which will aid or begin your journey. However for a cookie cutter, I will share with you the Five Steps. 

Most of the products had a "Barcode" tagged on them. The " Barcode " perceives the value of the product and also functions as an inventory management.

Each of us are like an product with "Invisible Barcode" tagged on us. Through interaction, we are actually scanning and perceiving the "value" (clothes that you're wearing, house that you're living, cars that you're driving, credit cards that you're holding) of one another. 

What if you're actually "over-valued" than what you really are ? The impression you are creating is actually on steroids of loans and credit limits. You could not  handle more than what you really can financially. Then it's time to think about a Financial Reset.  

"Hold on dude, I'm doing good.Why do i need a Financial Reset ? " You said.

All right if you're feeling good about life, you may skip this post.If not allow me to brief you through.

Why do we need a Financial Reset?

-Imagine you lose the freedom to get things you need or want ? You lose everything.

-As the saying goes " fail to plan, plan to fail". People who do not plan their future finances are unlikely to finance their future plans. 

-When opportunity comes, you're lucky! However, luck comes through discipline and preparation.

-When our finances get out of control, our lives get out of control.

Feeling worried now ? Fret not. These Five Steps to a Financial Reset is here to guide you.

Five Steps to reset your Financial Barcode.

Step 1 : Learn the principles and do what are required for the results you want to achieve. Align your values.

Step 2 :  A regular wake up call will ensure you are right on track with your financial values and principles. Track your wants and needs so you control what you are spending. Do a forecast regularly to check if you are pleased with the results.

Step 3:  Action speaks louder than words. What is a plan without action ? 

Step 4 :  After action review your plan often. Adjust accordingly as your circumstances change. Be responsible for your action and that will keep you on track. 

Step 5 : Money after all is a tool. Remember to share it with the needy and other forms of work used to make the world a better place. Empowering your finance will allow you to do more, give more and enjoy the process more.

There you go, follow these five steps closely and you will enjoy a better financial security !


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