Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Overview / Reflections of ST Portfolio 2013 .

Overview of ST- Portfolio 2013

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Vested- 1 lot of ST Engineering  @ $3.79.  ( Strong fundamentals , solid blue chip with U.S dealings)

Divested - 5 lots of Freightlinks @0.105  ( now known as Vibrant Group ) loss of $180 . ( Apparently Freightlinks Express had renamed to Vibrant Group . Not a good sign in my own opinion as it has been in affiliation with one of the " Mega Church " in Singapore though interest of 6% per annual  had been charged through borrowings and substantial shares of  Suntec Reit might indirectly benefit the growth of Vibrant Group . Fundamentals of Freightlinks in 3QR were disappointing  , and focus of shift towards from logistics to invesments and properties had prompt me to cut loss .)

Valuetronics might be the best investments so far i had made during august with price of less than 20 cents and cost on yield of 7.60% .

Personal Self Reflection

It has been a "tapered " year with news of tapering spreading like wild fire in 2013 and finalised in the upcoming months which we are going to enter in year 2014 .

"Taper Breakdown
The Fed’s purchases will be divided between $40 billion in Treasuries and $35 billion in mortgage bonds starting in January, down from $45 billion of government securities and $40 billion of the home-loan securities it’s buying each month now."
I had finally achieved my target set of 10k portfolio ( All right this is very very small compared to many other peers here ) , well it's still an achievement for me .

Peers in my bloglist had really taught me alot with aspect not just interms of investments but also life, philosophies ( Uncle CreateWealth , ASSI & SMOL ). Through blogging , it has enriched my knowledge .

To end with a quote by Bruce Lee : “All knowledge leads to self-knowledge.” 
― Bruce LeeTao of Jeet Kune Do

  Last but not Least , Merry Christmas and Happy New year to All . Huat la !!


  1. Hello Small Time Investor,

    I like you oredi!

    You never put an "uncle" in front of SMOL ;)

    LOL! We all have our weaknesses (or vanity)...

    Nope. Despite 2014 coming, I still not recovered from my mid-life identity crisis of being called "uncle" :(

    I think I must do some squatting exercises in 2014. Some youngsters' biceps are bigger than my thighs!?

    1. Hi SMOL

      Hahaha . I had just been called an "Uncle" too by a young kid (less than 10yrs old) when i was having my kopi earlier on .

      That will be too much aready if the biceps are bigger than the thigh , key is proportionate. Squats is a very good compound exercise that targets major muscles of the body . Some of them have big upper body but "chicken" legs .