Monday, 28 October 2013

Cache / First Reit FR

Cache Reit 3rd Quarter FR  

  • Dpu at 2.126 cents ( formerly 2.144 ( -0.8%))
  • Gearing ratio of 29.2%
  • Nav of 0.97 
  • Epu of 1.89 (formerly 1.90)
  • Distributable ( 16.5m) income grew 9.6%( increase of 1.4m ) 
  • No debt refinancing till 2015.  
First Reit 3rd Quarter FR 

  • Dpu at 1.96 cents ( formely 1.68 ( 16.7%))
  • Gearing ratio of 33.40%
  • Nav of 0.955 
  • Epu of  1.72 cents ( formerly 1.57 cents)
  • No refinancing needs till 2016

On a side track for First Reit  ," While the Indonesian government has raised the benchmark interest rate to 7.25% on 12 September 2013 to deal with inflation and the weakening Rupiah, its healthcare policies remained unchanged. Its universal healthcare programme is expected to begin in 2014 and under this scheme, healthcare insurance will be provided for its citizens so that they can get free access to community healthcare centres and government hospitals. This scheme is targeted to cover all Indonesians by 2019. 
 As such, this will drive demand for better quality and faster private medical facilities from the 
 growing middle-class and the younger Indonesian consumers who seek these services."

Information could be found here


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    1. Both counters are outstanding tag peers. Have both in my portfolio.

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