Tuesday, 24 September 2013

S-T Sept Portfolio Update

-Bought Valuetronics , FreightLinks , First Reit
-Sold Cache Log ( -$330 loss) , bought back Cache Log , Sold  Far East Hospitality  ( -$430 loss)

Dividends collected from 2013 ( June to Sept )  - $108.74

Bernanke "shocked " the market by doing nothing to the taper during the focm .


  1. Hi st

    May I know why did u sell and then rebuy cache? Did you get it at a lower price?

  2. Hi B

    I bought cache for 1.36 ( 2 lots) during the end may when news of tapering just started flooding . Got caught off by the "effects" of taper when i sold it at a loss of $165 ( u roughly would know what price i sold off ) per lot during mid August. Bought back 1 lot during few days after recent release of focm rally ( fear again for price to be upping , but otherwise been seen lately ) for price above as stated . Still a loss even if bought it at a lower price , only div yield increased from 6.6% to 7%plus.

    Will see this new price as a "bench mark " price and average down from there by vesting lot by lot when price deems . Moreover the "taper" fear still looms after all .


    Small Time