Saturday, 2 January 2016

Planning the unplanned

Well, I hardly pen down my thoughts before posting in this blog, but this is the first time. 

Review Of  Portfolio

I  set a target of $100 dividends per month by end of 2014(, did i achieve ? 

Yes i did !  However achievement was only unlocked by end of 2015. 

What did i learnt ?

Patience, Patience and more Patience. 

Personal Milestones

-Changed job in end 2014.

-Met my lovely girlfriend.
-Increased 10% of per monthly savings(not an easy feat with girlfriend).
-Knew more people and friends as well as financial bloggers.
-Attended first ever SG  Personal Finance Investment Seminar and saw SMOL first time.
-Saw SMOL second time in frog farm. (Hey, I was in the picture you posted.)

Things to focus 

-Maintain healthy and keep fit.

-Continue to be patient and monitor, strike when opportunities arise.
-Build and enhance human capital and relation (teachings from Uncle 8888).
-Contribute to the needy whenever I can.
-Stay hungry, stay foolish.
-Be mischievous like the monkey.

How about you ? What are the things you want to focus in 2016 ? 


  1. Hi SMI,

    So SMOL is ur idol... hahaha....

    Perhaps I will consider "met my lovely girlfriend" as the most important milestone for u. Since people and relationships are after all the most important in our life.

    Happy New Year 2016 to you and your lovely girlfriend.

    1. Hi Rolf

      Yes agreed.

      A Happy NEW Year 2016 to you and family too.

  2. Quote:

    -Attended first ever SG Personal Finance Investment Seminar and saw SMOL first time.

    -Saw SMOL second time in frog farm. (Hey, I was in the picture you posted.)

    Build and enhance human capital and relation (teachings from Uncle 8888).

    Ho ho! This is interesting!

    Grasshopper and Ant.

    Goal-less and Goal-full.

    The name of the two opposite sides of the SAME coin was mentioned in the SAME blog post at the SAME time by someone. LOL!

    1. Hi Uncle 8888

      It's always good to see both sides of the coin. Same Same but different.Haha

  3. Haha STI,

    Jio you idol for a drink when you are free. He already said anything for a drink


    1. Hi SI

      There will be chances ( opps sounds like stalker. ) haha .

      Cheers to you too !

  4. Small Time Investor,

    Lucky you never winked at me at the Frog farm. I would totally freak out!


    If you were the 2 men who were babbling on cycling on the bus I remember who you are ;)

    If you came with your girlfriend, then I can't recall.

    It's cool. Feel free to either stay in the shadows or say hello to me next time we meet again.

    I'll respect your privacy :)

    1. P.S.

      Don't put me as a milestone next time. I'm not Jia Jia or Kai Kai ;)

  5. Hi Smol

    Oh my .. Haha i am more of the younger looking one ..

    I told my gf about you too and shared your interesting "my story" .

    Till then we shall meet . Hohoho

  6. Hey STI, congrats to your achievements! Maybe I should attend SG Personal Finance Investment Seminar this year (is it an annual thing?) then I can see K̶a̶i̶ ̶K̶a̶i̶ SMOL too.:P

  7. Hi 22 dc

    Thank you . The seminar hopefully can be an annual event , unfortunately not that I know of .

    Ah.. So your agenda is that same of mine .
    Smol has an additional fan.

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