Sunday, 18 January 2015

The Zebralogy of knowing who you are .

The long waited Personal Financial Investment is here on a good hot Saturday afternoon !

The crowd ....(who's that lady ? ) 

Please proceed snacks collection point to have your refreshments. Please have your tag on your wrist too to proceed in the snack point . Thank you . 

A welcome speech given by Mr Roland , co-founder of  Wealth Directions .

Our local financial bloggers showing support !

Now comes to my main objective of coming to the event ( i only attend the first half of the event , there are other great speakers as well like Calvin of Dr Wealth and Lionel of Cheerful Egg )  , introducing Mr Jared Seah aka SMOL .

As the first speaker for the event , SMOL left a deep impression with his opening  introduction of hokkein song besides his sparkling head .

SMOL further captured the crowd attention by stating there are no presentation slides , and he is the presentation , so all focus on him . ( i knew that's his style and the grasshopper style , to think on the ball , roll on the ball .)

SMOL illustrated on the topic by telling the story of  zebras herd . How the front herd of zebra looks much stout compared to the middle of zebras that looks more scrawny . How the survived front herd flaunt with their winning trophies ( claws and marks by lions ) . How the scrawny zebras smells assess front and back of the herd . 

SMOL ended the topic by asking the crowd to visualise themselves as zebras for a minute walking in the grassland with lucky bastards hippos on the mud and tally giraffes. 

Now where will you stand ?  

Oh wait a minute , where are the lions then ?  Hehe. 

Encore Encore .. here's a bonus :  The only lady speaker for Cimb securities " Ms you know" .



  1. Peng you!

    Li bo lai say hello?

    Bo sui lah!

    Ar bai buey sai OK?

    You know what? If I knew earlier, I should have sang a full song hor? At least I can entertain myself mah! My skin thicker than rhino!

    Must practice my singing and cha-cha-cha. Maybe I can get a gig to sing at the 7th month Getai?

    Ah! You very de alert! No wonder you can appreciate the story.

    Those "lions" that wore uniforms are not frightening (those you can spot); it's those you can't spot are the ones... Shhh....

    1. Hey!

      My head can actually reflect light in your picture!

      Thanks for making my stomach not obvious. It's hard to "suck it in" while talking, singing, and trying to breath at the same time!

  2. Hi!
    Thanks for your support for this event!! any feedback and suggestion is welcome!
    Roland (

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