Sunday, 21 December 2014

3Ds Plan . No more no less !

Do you find yourself  at times no plan ( bo chup? ) or over plan ( chup ka liao ?) Both would create results that are undesirable in reality .

Here are the 3Ds to guide you along

Dream it 

Having an idea of what you need/want is always important.For a warrior to start a journey to the destination , you need food , weapons  and know what kind of situation a warrior will face during the journey. Now the warrior is set to go !

Design it 

On the journey , the warrior faces a dragon and he is going to fight it . The warrior needs to know not only the weakness and strengths of the dragon , but also his own weakness and strengths. Then coming out with a strategy to fight the dragon to his advantage with the arsenals he had on hand . 

Deliver it 

Of course , the dragon is not a wood dragon that is going to let what the warrior do what he wants. The warrior is facing the reality of the dragon is much bigger size than him , just a hit from the dragon will take him down , just a puff and the warrior will turn into ash . The warrior needs to deliver what he can inorder to kill the dragon.

Similarly in life , we need to deliver what we ought to deliver . No ? See this


  1. nice post
    i blog quite a fair bit on dreams, wishing, subconscious mind, etc on
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  2. Short and sweet article! Good job! Oh, that photo reminded me of smaug from The Habbit. ;-)

  3. Hi Richard

    i was comtemplating to do a recap for the year , somehow it leads me to this ( perhaps of the recent plans post by the bloggers . ) and churning out a story of warrior vs dragon ( I vs Mr market )

    1. Oh perhaps its not I vs Mr market , it can be I vs myself