Sunday, 17 August 2014

A trip to Ikea .

It has been a long time since i made a trip to Ikea , and yesterday was a trip down with a friend to run his errand . As you know , Ikea's layout is a "strategic " maze as depicts  below shown .

Well the above picture is solely for entertainment purpose. What amazes me was the infrastructure of Ikea .


Ikea brilliantly used lighting as a direction guide ( arrow sign reflected on the floor ) to guide the crowd instead of the usual board and signs .

One of the lighting products featured were auto sensor dimmer lights that can be installed into your wardrobe. The lights were be automatically dimmed once the sensor senses the closing of wardrobe and lighted on opening/sliding of wardrobe .( Girls would love this added on feature when they are in their walk in wardrobe.)

Another important component that lighting constitutes to Ikea would be the Open Concept of Warehouse to the public.

It is important in this case , as having a good lighting in the Open Concept Warehouse means big safety .

Open Concept Warehouse

Let's come to the Open Concept . Other than the Open Concept  display area of different furniture themes.
The second last stop would be the Open concept Warehouse.( Last stop of course would be the cashier to bill your purchase.)

The Open Concept Warehouse to public ensures 2 things : Clear wide path and Easy access to regular items purchased .

Clear wide path without obstruction is the basic aspect of safety to the Open concept Warehouse.

Items that are regularly purchased are segregated in the racks and shelves with lighter/portable items on the bottom to ensure easy access and heavier items on the top (  If you intend to get the heavier stuff , you could engage the help of the transport service staff .)

The racks and shelves are clearly labelled with rack no and section no as well for each particular item.

Now let's made payment at the cashier counter !

Other than Meatball , how about beer for you before we leave ? 

*Disclaimer : This is not a sponsored post or under any form of advertisement . This is my personal view after a trip to Ikea that inspires me to write.  


  1. Small time investor,

    Lighting is important.

    If we don't pay attention to this area, customers will "complain" their furniture don't look the same back at home...

    We call it: "Furnish with light"

    Glad you noticed the lighting!

    Japanese, European, and American retailers have different lighting styles ;)

    1. Hi SMOL

      Yup this post is partly also inspired by you too haha..

      I look forward to more of your "SnakeOil " Salesman stories .

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