Thursday, 19 June 2014

"Rough Analysis " on CMT .

This would be a "rough analysis" on CMT ( Capital Mall Trust )  , the main focus would be on the portfolio lease of CMT which would also be "rough " . Below are only small part of Citi Asean Investor Conference 2014 .  More info and fundamentals could be found here

For the next 2 years ( 2015 , 2016)  as you can see , CMT would face the most number of  leases expiry .

The income per month compared to past and forecasted years is more than 10 % . 

I am quite surprise that Tampines Mall , IMM Building  and Lot One Shoppers'  Mall attributes quite an amount to the Mall income . The 3 locations are considered to be located at far end of Singapore respectively.  

Respective AEI phases would be going for IMM Building and a proposed AEI to Tampines Mall. The Tampines Mall , IMM Building  and Lot One Shoppers'  Mall are the "pioneers " of CMT Portfolio and certainly attributes to a heavy core of CMT . 

With upcoming further enhancements to the "pioneers " , it is assuring that the performance of portfolio would be brought to another level with all else remains equal . 


  1. for such a large REIT, what are you analyzing on that will make an impactful difference

    1. Hi Kyith

      The next 2 years would be crucial to CMT as the number of leases expired are quite an amount , AEIs and Acquisitions . This might add on to the High Capex .

      I have a mixture of thoughts , the healthy balance sheet might not be that " healthy" after that if all else remains equal too ( kopping this from AK 71 ) hahaha.

    2. don't over analyze. it is likely the grow rate is at best that of starhill and fct. it is too big to move.

  2. Nice analysis, I keep confusing this Trust with the one privatized by CapitaLand recently lol

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