Friday, 18 April 2014

Hear the say or say the hear ?

Past week back while walking with a friend after a good old lunch .

Friend : Awaiting for news from tharman regards to global economic recovery policies  in IMF.  I don't think the economic will be good in the upcoming .

Me : Where do you hear the news from ?

Friend : From one of my friend working in bank . I intend to withdraw out from my investments /ILP . I think you should too.

Me : / keep quiet .

Hear the say or say the hear ?  My plan ? Do nothing , react accordingly .


  1. Small Time Investor,

    I am assuming your friend is a graduate?

    It's mind boggling that some educated people behave no different than aunties and uncles in the stock market...

    I heard this from... And you should too...

    It's this "you should too" that is superfluous. This is not meant as "good intentions". It's more to feel better that other people also believed what they heard - better to be in a herd. Wrong all wrong mah!

    1. Hi Smol

      my friend is not graduate, has been out in the workforce society for couple of years and i believe this is like a " margin of safety " to them because many people are doing it , so just follow and it shouldn't be much problem . Even if there is a problem , also " we die together ".

      Now this is a big problem .

  2. How about "hearing" from bloggers' postings?

    It is even more common!

    With more details provide more people will act on these blog posts.


    1. Hi Uncle 8888

      There are too much " hearing " rather than listening to the details with own judgement .

      "Hack away at the unessential " - Bruce Lee