Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Take care of your equipment , and your equipment will take care of you .

For males who had gone/going  through the national service in Singapore would most probably know this famous quote by their enciks " Take care of your equipment , and your equipment will take care of you . "

During the briefing session that Small-Time went last week to prepare for his upcoming reservist . The encik ( Regimental Sargent Major )  strongly emphasized on the preparation of FBO ( Full Battle Order ) .

This is how a FBO looks like

Why is it so important to be in FBO during your combat mission/training ?

Imagine yourself in a field camp without the proper items that were supposed to be in the field bag such as the extra uniforms . Are you going to wear the same attire  where training drills and on-going mission with dirt , sweat and perhaps blood for the whole week of field camp ?  Talk about wear and tear , Talk about health where you can easily fall sick if you do not take care of your personal hygience.

Imagine yourself  contacted by the enemy forces ? You engaged the enemy forces but found out nothing came out from your rifle though it's loaded with bullets. The enemy forces would be smiling and gunning their way towards you . Best is you without your helmet . High chance of Headshot ! Have you do a proper weapon check drill ? Are you well-equipped ?

The quote by encik definitely is there for such reasons.

Small-Time would too like to end with a quote " Take care of your financial , and your financial will take care of you . "

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