Wednesday, 12 June 2013

S-T Portfolio Update

Loaded Cache Logistic Trust .  Below  shall do the illustration :

Properties under Cache 

-Strategically located near the logistic ports such as Changi Airport , PSA Terminals , Jurong port  for Singapore .  While ermm for China , Shanghai , (near to Hang Zhou Bay ? But quite a distance to the Airport  ).

Strong and Diverse Demand by Underlying End-Users

-Cache's portfolio enjoys a high underlying occupancy by end-users, majority of which are multinational corporations. The end-users are also diversified by trade sectors such as industrial and commercial goods, commodities and chemical sectors, food and cold storage, aerospace, healthcare, courier services and hospitality.

Stability of Cash Flows from Long Term, Triple Net Master Leases

-12 properties are on master lease agreements. Only APC Distrihub is a multi-tenanted property. The triple net ("NNN") master lease agreements provide for long lease tenures ranging from three to 10 years with locked-in annual rental escalations, providing Cache with a stable income stream. Multi-tenancy properties, on the other hand, provide potential positive rental reversions, which contribute to organic income growth within the portfolio.

High Occupancy in Underlying Portfolio

-Cache enjoys a 100% occupancy level, which means no expiry of lease issues . ( When you see your report card is 100% , you will also feel happy ).

On a side note , the month of may and onwards will be volatile as FED Chairman  Bernanke's words of QE tapering , reducing of bond purchases , amid of Central Banks from Toyko to Europe declines to add stimulus  swept through the market . 

Crossed fingers as there are currently no clear instructions according to the situation seen . 

Ps: The bloodbath ( which actually to some people is not even consider yet) had taught me to have patience and be more disciplined . Nevertheless , i am targeting at some stocks given at the ideal price for me to invest again . In courtesy of  Dividendswarrior 's " Keep Calm and Carry on " .  Mine would be : 

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